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     Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. is a large-scale manufacturer specializing in the processing of switch sockets, integrated electrical appliances and other series of products. It is a professional electrical OBM/OEM/ODM processing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. After several years of joint efforts, GELAN Electric has a reputation and influence in the industry. Passing ISO9001, ISO14001 and other certification systems, quality is guaranteed. GELAN Electric has completed one-to-one service tracking with its own high quality, high-end technology, affordable price, perfect after-sales service, and attention to customer requirements. GELAN Electric has won the recognition of customers and good business reputation. At present, it has cooperated with many well-known big brands at home and abroad.


Processing and OEM process:

1. Engage in business and communicate with each other to determine product requirements;

2. Provide samples or sample proofs according to customer requirements;

3. Confirm the sample;

4, sample proofing, sign the contract, and prepay the processing deposit;

5. The customer arranges the bill of lading, and the factory produces according to the plan;

6. Conduct semi-finished product production and micro-inspection;

8. Packing and storage of semi-finished products;

9, settlement of the balance, arrange the delivery of the warehouse


What are the advantages:

1. Influential R&D background

Join hands with the domestic industry to form a top technical team, strong innovation ability, and won many product patents.

2. Standard workshop - providing fast shipping and stable and safe quality.

Raw materials - injection molding - semi-finished products - finished product assembly, strict control, completed 100% qualified products into the market.

3. Quality first, good quality and low price, customer first

Efficient: We have advanced production lines of first-class operation, first-class technical strength, first-class management experience; through ISO9001 quality management system to ensure efficient and high-safe production of each product.

High quality: strict raw material supplier management system, signed long-term contract with high-quality raw material suppliers, product production has undergone multiple strict quality inspections to ensure that the products produced remain stable, effective and lasting for a long time.

Low price: relying on the manufacturer's own large demand for raw materials, the company has long-term face-to-face cooperation with major raw material suppliers at home and abroad, and directly purchases the middlemen to increase the price, thus ensuring low raw material costs.

4. Team segmentation, special person, special event

Excellent production team, dedicated R & D team, strict regulations, quality inspection team, and careful customer service team to serve our customers; attract outstanding talents, develop a set of talent training programs according to personal characteristics, strive to be excellent GELAN people; love life Work hard, work amateur and enjoy many activities to enrich our lives.


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