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New and old national standard socket difference

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-02-23 

A merchant in the Inner Mongolia International Trade City said that although the socket of the "new national standard" is safe, it is not very practical. The three-ported plugs cannot be inserted at all. Some customers have come to the store to ask if there is an "old national standard" socket. In small hardware stores, almost all stores are selling "old omnipotent", and even some merchants have said that they have never heard of sockets and national standards.


Consumers value safety

The survey shows that consumers generally pay attention to the safety of the socket. Some consumers said that they attach great importance to the safety of the socket, but because they do not understand the quality of the socket, they buy expensive.

Ms. Liu said that she bought a universal socket in the hardware store outside her home. The owner said that mobile phone charging and household appliances such as TV and refrigerator can be used. However, after buying it back for a few days, she took the phone to charge it. Just plugged the charger into the socket, and the socket smoky, and the phone was burned out. After that, she changed the socket at home every two years, just in case.

The difference between new and old national standard socket

Many consumers do not know the difference between the old and new national standard sockets. According to the socket seller, there are three main methods for distinguishing between the old and new national standard sockets: one is to look at the logo, and the products that meet the “new national standard” are marked with the words “production according to gb2099.3-2008 standard” on the packaging; The socket is marked with the words "produced according to gb2099.3-1997 standard". Secondly, the three-phase jack of the "old national standard" universal socket and the two-phase jack are combined, a total of three holes, and the three-phase jack and the two-phase jack of the "new national standard" socket are Separate, there are 5 holes and the contact area of the plug is large, which can effectively prevent heat generation and prevent electric shock. The third type, the "old national standard" socket is a multi-purpose, "new international" is a hole.


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